Kathrin's worst nightmare came true when she was just 34. Diagnosed with breast cancer, she needed to have her right breast removed, and due to the fact that the cancer had begun to spread, also had to go through an intensive course of chemotherapy.

Kathrin asked her oldest friend, filmmaker Nicholas Feustel, if she could borrow a video camera in order to keep a video diary. A natural and charismatic performer, Kathrin had no idea if anyone would ever see the footage that was to follow, but felt she wanted to be able to express herself uncensored, so as not to overburden her friends and family.

Freunde und Verwandte kl

Over the following nine months, Kathrin confided her thoughts, feelings and experiences to the camera as she confronted not just the loss of her right breast and the physical rigours of chemotherapy, but also the loss of control over her body.

Would she ever feel like a whole woman again? Would anyone ever want to touch her again? Would she still be able to have children?

Sensitively edited by Nicholas, this film follows Kathrin on a journey that one-in-eight women will likely take in their lifetime, although less than 2 % are diagnosed as young as Kathrin.

For her, at least, there was a happy ending: She is now free from cancer.

Not simply a film about breast cancer, ultimately Kathrin’s video diary celebrates the resilience of the human spirit.